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Are you tired of simply existing without truly living and making the most of each day? Do you want your life to be more than just a collection of days? Do you know deep down that you’re meant for more, but have no idea what that might look like or where to even start?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

The resources on this page are a great starting point on your journey from merely surviving to being fully alive & thriving. And the very best thing about it? It’s completely free!

Simply choose whatever format works best for you – interactive workbook, in-depth guide, regular newsletters, an archive of blog posts covering a broad spectrum of topics, or fun & informative podcast episodes – and let’s get you started!

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The Self-Discovery Starter Kit

Gain clarity on who you are and what you desire with this free collection of journaling prompts, meditations, and inspirational reading. Reconnect to your authentic self & vision to create a life that not only looks good from the outside but feels amazing on the inside, too.

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Meet your guide

Hello beautiful soul!

My name is Julia and I am looking forward to guiding you on this journey as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Holistic Self-Discovery Coach, and Reiki healer.

I am passionate about creating safe spaces for you to reconnect to your authentic self to live a more intentional & purposeful life by being true to who you are, your values & desires.

My mission is to show you a different way to experience life. A way that feels easy and expansive because you are showing up in alignment with who you truly are instead of forcing, pushing, and controlling your way through life.

I call upon the tools & practices that have proven effective throughout my own journey from depressed corporate accountant to free-spirited yogi & coach traveling around the globe.

I feel honored to support you on this journey back home to yourself & help bridge the gap between where you are now vs. where you want to be.