The Numerology of 2023 – The Significance of the 7 Universal Year in Numerology

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Similarly to astrology and tarot, numerology is an ancient system that can provide insightful mystical information. Just like your name and birthday have their own numerology, so does each individual year. Understanding the numerology of 2023 can help you forecast, predict, and prepare for the year ahead. The better you understand the themes of the Universal Year Number, the better you can tailor your manifestations and co-create with the energies present.

Numerology 2023 Title

In Western numerology, numbers carry vibrations. Numerology interprets those vibrations to give you an overview of talents, potentials, and challenges to master during particular periods in your life. As a path toward education, self-discovery, and harmonious expression, numerology can help you reach your highest potential.

Let’s decode the numerology of 2023 and learn what to expect and how to support ourselves best this year.

Universal Year Numbers – How to use and how to calculate them

A Universal Year Number is the distillation of the numerology of a year into a single digit. It tells you which themes and areas of life will be important to you and everyone else alive on this planet in any given year. It’s like a glimpse into the year’s personality, so to speak.

Since everyone will be feeling the energy in one way or another, a Universal Year Number is hugely impactful. Serving as a collective energy forecast, the Universal Year number helps you identify upcoming trends of the year and highlights areas of your life that you can expand into or grow out of. This allows you to look for opportunities and potential pitfalls in your own life ahead of time.

Fortunately, there’s no complicated mathematics required to calculate the Universal Year Number on your own. All you need to do is add up all the individual numbers in a year. In the case of the numerology of 2023 this breaks down to 2+0+2+3 equaling 7, hence making it a 7 Universal Year.

What the numerology of 2023 has to offer

In numerology, the number 7 is one of the most spiritual numbers. Representing the philosopher and the seeker, 2023 signifies a time of spiritual awakenings, knowledge gathering, solitude, and inward focus. Therefore, you can expect the 7 Universal Year to bring spiritual growth and collective efforts in reforming spiritual practices.

The numerology of 2023 invites you to dive deep into your personal practice, set intentions toward personal development, and engage in self-reflection to illuminate the inner workings of your spiritual self. If you do not consider yourself a spiritual person, this year may kickstart your own spiritual journey.

Besides spirituality, you can also expect a shift in global consciousness regarding mental health, energy work, and esoteric wisdom. New-age teachings and practices that were once considered out there will continue to make their way into the mainstream. Deeper truths that have been hidden for too long may also be exposed in this 7 Universal Year. This is desperately needed in order for humanity to wake up and make the necessary shifts toward a better future.

Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not. – Deepak Chopra

Furthermore, the number 7 heralds a cycle of completion and newfound equilibrium. With all the changes and challenges we had to face individually and collectively over the past years, 2023 will finally grant us an opportunity to step back and see how we ourselves have transformed. Where are we different? Which internal shifts have we experienced? How have we changed the ways we think, see, and view the world?

As much as you think you know yourself, perhaps you have altered in ways you don’t even realize yet. A new you has been slowly forming and this next year offers the opportunity to fully integrate all parts of yourself. At the same time, try not to overthink it. A 7 Universal Year can manifest as an energy of negative spiraling and cynicism so this process of integration requires a fine dance between analysis and logic as well as intuition and faith.

Dominant energies according to the numerology of 2023

Numerology 2023 Overview


No matter how you look at it, 2023 is going to be an introspective, introverted, and independent year for a lot of people.

The 7 Universal Year is going to cause a lot of people to turn inwards and consult their own intuition, rather than looking to external sources for affirmation or guidance. If you can embrace this fact, 2023 might lead to truly original thinking, innovation, and heightened creative expression.


In 2023, the collective is going to become even more conscious and highly interested in seeking out deeper levels of understanding and hidden knowledge. There’ll be a real intellectual and philosophical hunger, as well as a thirst for spiritual insight.

You will feel inspired to get to know yourself on a level deeper than ever before. You will have even less tolerance for and patience with people and situations that are superficial or simply not on the same wavelength as you.


2023 is going to be a year of personal and collective reinvention. There is a real longing to become the best version of yourself you can be. This doesn’t only require you to make significant changes, bring different aspects of yourself to the forefront, and release everything that no longer serves you. You also need sufficient time to integrate all those adjustments.

The 7 Universal Year requires patience, a lot of it. Don’t expect yourself to have it all figured out two months into the year. It’s the second half of 2023 when you will start seeing the results of the effort you put in come to fruition.


This new year is going to be filled with possibilities and new opportunities. You may have more options to choose between than you’ve ever had before. But just because you have the option to do something, doesn’t mean you should. It is up to you to decide which opportunities to grasp and make the most of.

A good rule of thumb according to the numerology of 2023 would be to focus on quality over quantity.

How to best support yourself through the numerology of 2023

The 7 knows that the answers you are seeking can only be found when you silence the noise around you and allow yourself to surrender. Go within as much as possible and allow ample time for inward contemplation to gain clarity and understand the knowledge gained over the last few years. As a seeker of all knowledge, the greatest purpose for a number 7 is to be a student of life. Follow your curiosity and trust that the topics you are drawn to support your inner growth.

At the same time, make sure to nurture yourself with the time and care you might have previously denied yourself. All the questioning, soul-searching, and evolving that the numerology of 2023 brings can be draining so keep your own cup full to avoid burning out.

One major theme to focus on this new year is listening to your intuition and trusting yourself on a more instinctual level. Make it a point to follow your intuition and if you have trouble hearing it, make it a habit to get more in touch with your instincts.

Lastly, be aware of the shadow energy of the number 7 which can lead to getting lost in your own thoughts, losing sight of the bigger picture, and excessive worrying. If you find yourself in a negative spiral, bring yourself back to center through things like journaling, taking a walk, breathwork, meditation, or whatever healing modality is calling to you.

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