Practical Spirituality to Alchemize your Dream Life

It’s time to change the narrative of your story.

UNBOUND is my signature 8-week group coaching program that helps you discover who you truly are and gives you the tools to create a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels amazing on the inside, too.

Are you tired of…

feeling weighed down by other’s expectations and the pressure you put on yourself to be perfect?

being ashamed of and hiding certain parts of yourself to feel loved and accepted by others?

feeling like there’s no space in your life for your own hopes and dreams?

constantly changing and improving yourself so you can finally receive the love, appreciation and success you so desire?

doing everything you thought you were supposed to be doing yet still feeling uninspired, unfulfilled, restless, and like something is missing?

Sound familiar?

I hear you! You’ve probably spent your life doing everything by this invisible rulebook that society has imposed upon you. You’ve done everything you were supposed to and ended up creating a life that looks great on the outside but feels limiting and unfulfilling on the inside. You’re almost feeling a bit cheated by life because you thought it would be different, better somehow. Maybe you’re even judging yourself for being unhappy and telling yourself that you have no reason to be because you have everything you’ve ever wanted. Or so you think.

What if I told you that the answer to all this is already here within you and all you have to do is tap deeper into who you are and learn how to balance your energies?

If you’re ready to ditch the belief that…

success has to look one certain way.

you have to hide certain parts of yourself or be someone else entirely to be loved.

you have to do, give, hustle and burn yourself out to be worthy of receiving your desires.

you’re not good enough just the way you are.

You've come to the right place!

UNBOUND teaches you everything about practical spirituality so that you can alchemize the life of your dreams. A life that you love. A life that works for you and your needs. A life that honors you. All of you. 

Within this 8-week journey, you will discover and reconnect with your authentic Self, shed your shoulds, and free yourself from others’ expectations. You will lovingly release outdated beliefs and stories that are no longer serving you. You will uncover where you’re still holding on to pain and resentment from the past that keeps you from moving forward. You will experience the power of bringing your shadows into the light. You will learn how to use a variety of spiritual modalities and down-to-earth practical tools to balance your energy and become the conscious creator of your own reality.

The magic of UNBOUND will unfold within an intimate small group container with no more than four people each round. This gives you access to powerful support through a close-knit community while ensuring that you also receive the intimate and undivided attention of your guide Julia. Each group that comes together is divinely matched so that you can all learn from each other while growing alongside each other.

Here’s what’s inside

UNBOUND includes

4 Online Modules full of spiritual and practical teachings, tools and reflections

4 Kundalini Kriyas to further support your magical transformation

8 Live Group Coaching Sessions with potent intuitive activations and live Q&A’s

8 Weeks of Personalized Support via Facebook or Email

A small group of other powerful and committed individuals to encourage and uplift you on your journey

4 additional bi-weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls if you choose to commit to your personal growth even more deeply with the Deep Dive option below

Imagine if…

You had a crystal clear idea of who you authentically are and a deep appreciation for all parts of you.

You were the one in control of your own life and making all the choices and there really were no rules and limits as to what is possible for you.

You knew you are perfect, deserving and worthy just the way you are and that you don’t have to change or hide any part of your personality.

Your life was easy, fun, fulfilling and everything you’ve ever wanted it to be. 

You finally realized what makes you unique and magnetic and knew how to use that to attract only what is in alignment with your highest potential.

You had the tools and practices to support you even when things get tough and to stop self-sabotaging your progress.

You were so connected to your inner voice that you always intuitively knew the right next action to take.


Pay in Full

EUR 599 / USD 699

(save 10% by paying in full)

Payment Plan

EUR 329 / USD 389

(2 monthly payments of)

Deep Dive Option

includes 4 bonus bi-weekly 1:1 calls during the 8-week program

Pay in Full

EUR 849 / USD 999

(save 10% by paying in full)

Payment Plan

EUR 466 / USD 555

(2 monthly payments of)

Meet your Guide

Julia’s mission is to show you that there is a different way to live life. A way that is easy and expansive because you’re showing up in alignment with who you truly are. She loves empowering others to break free of the rules and limitations society has imposed upon them. She teaches you how to bring your masculine and feminine energy into balance so you can manifest the life you desire and deserve.

UNBOUND guides you through the process that Julia used herself to go from feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and undeserving to living a thriving life as a teacher, coach, entrepreneur and world-traveller that is beyond even her wildest dreams.

Seeing so many others struggle and suffer yearning for something more, something different but not knowing where to start, this program was created. The tools you learn within these 8 weeks are deeply transformational and can be applied to any area of your life even after this experience is over. What are you waiting for?