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Create Your Aligned Future

A free workshop to gain clarity on who you truly are, what you want, and how to get there

This workshop allows you to get back in touch with who YOU are and what it is that YOU want.

Through visualization, you will focus on who it is you want to be and how you want your life to look like – free of others’ expectations, external pressures, and obligations. We will also zoom in on actionable steps to take to align with this vision and move you closer to your dream. We then seal this powerful exercise with a Kundalini meditation to release anything that’s holding you back from your vision, any limiting beliefs, or habits you want to let go of so you can step into your future with clarity and confidence.

Sunday, 23rd January 2022, 6 pm CET

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Meet your Guide

My name is Julia and I am the face & founder of ‘The Holistic Toolbox’, where I combine different modalities from science, psychology and spirituality together with the essential mindset shifts to offer you a holistic and sustainable approach to healing.

I am a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Certified Transformational Nutrition Health and Wellness Coach and Reiki healer.

My mission is to help you rediscover your authentic Self, liberate you from your ‘shoulds’ and empower you to create the fulfilling life you desire and deserve.