The Ultimate Aura Guide – Everything You Need to Know about Your Eighth Chakra

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The aura represents the energy field surrounding your body and is the cumulative projection of the state and health of all chakras. Every element of every chakra is here. Even though the aura is not always recognized as a chakra, in the Kundalini Yoga tradition it is considered the eighth chakra. The aura is the center of consciousness where the psycho-physiological energy exchange between you and your environment takes place. It is used to filter all vibrations that come into your field and acts as your first line of energetic defense.

Aura Chakra Title

The main themes of the aura are protection, projection, radiance, and magnetism. Just like any other chakra, your aura can become imbalanced or blocked. If you’re shy, withdrawn, feel vulnerable to everything that passes by or through you, and seem to attract negative people, things, and events, or you have a weak immune system and are prone to serious illnesses, chances are that your aura is imbalanced.

Continue reading to learn all about the aura, how to determine whether it is imbalanced, and how to support yourself to bring this chakra back into balance – and make sure it stays that way.

The aura within the chakra system

The chakra system consists of seven chakras ascending along the spine from the coccyx area to the top of the head. The eighth chakra, better known as the aura, expands all around your body. A chakra is an energy center that directs life energy for the purpose of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. The chakras influence the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious in all your behavior and tie together all aspects of being human – physical, mental, and spiritual.

The aura – Radiant projection and protection

Name: Aura
Physical location: electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body
Color: white
Element: every element of every chakra
Sense: beyond sense and sense organs
Purpose: radiance
Attribute: presence
Shadow: shyness / withdrawal
Descriptive verb: I attract
Keywords: protection, projection, radiance, glow, charisma, perception, manifestation, attraction, sense of Self, getting things done and receiving support from others, strong and healthy body, balanced emotional health, spiritual maturity, seeing things from a higher perspective, certainty, patience, tolerance, approachable and inspirational


From within or behind, a light shines through us upon things and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all. – Raju Ramanathan

The aura is located outside of the body and equal to the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. It is primarily composed of energy bands that graduate in frequency and color as they move outward from the body. If your aura is very strong, it can extend beyond nine feet from your physical body. Each of the auric fields opens to different energy planes and energy bodies and also partners with a chakra, exchanging information between the worlds outside and inside the body.

However, the aura is not a figurative body. Electrophotography has been able to capture the auric field in a picture for almost a century. At the same time, your aura isn’t static. The condition of the aura shifts in reaction to your mental and physical health and it can transform and grow on a daily basis.

Your aura is determined by what you vibrate. Whatever your mental thoughts are, that is your aura and that is the color of your aura. – Yogi Bhajan

Due to its location, this chakra is not associated with any physiological system, organ, or nervous plexus, only with a sense of being. It establishes your sense of domain and fills the room with your presence. When the aura is strong, and the other chakras are aligned and functioning well, your presence and projection alone seem to direct many of the forces in the universe to effortlessly fulfill your desires and needs.

Humans can always sense other’s electromagnetic fields when they are around them, whether that’s through intuition or otherwise. This makes the eighth chakra the first thing people notice about you. We refer to it as the “you outside of you”. Your aura also always represents your natural personality, your true state, no matter how much you are trying to hide it, deny it, or portray something else. Others will be able to sense the truth from your aura.

How to recognize an imbalanced aura

When the eighth chakra is balanced it provides a protective shield against negative energies and illnesses. You have a strong and healthy body and a balanced emotional mind. A balanced aura projects radiance, giving you a radiant glow that makes you naturally charismatic and magnetic. You are a powerful manifestor and can easily attract people, things, and opportunities into your life. Your aura will also act as a container for life force energy to build up, allowing you to feel secure, confident, and sure of yourself.

However, the aura can become imbalanced and disturb the delicate balance of the chakra system.  When the eighth chakra is out of balance, you may feel weak, vulnerable, and lacking clear boundaries. You may be particularly sensitive and easily overwhelmed by negative situations and low-vibration energy, unable to protect yourself. You may also lack a clear sense of self and suffer from a scattered projection, leading to misinterpretation and misunderstanding by others. A weakened electromagnetic field will also make you more prone to sickness.

Other characteristics of an imbalanced aura may be:

shyness, withdrawal, lack of boundaries, prone to attracting negative people and situations into your life, no energetic protection, no projection, scattered projection, lacking a sense of Self, dullness, feeling vulnerable, feeling held back by your past, lacking inner security and confidence, unable to trust, repelling nature, weak immune system, prone to serious illnesses

If you recognize any of those characteristics in yourself and are unsure whether your aura is imbalanced, try asking yourself the following questions:

      • Do you feel radiant? Do you feel your energy can uplift a room?
      • Do you sense you deflect negative energy or does it permeate your field, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable?
      • Can you choose to relate to someone or disconnect from their influence?
      • Do you feel connected to your higher self?
      • Do you feel in touch with your life’s purpose?


      Aura chakra overview

      Fortunately, an out-of-balance aura doesn’t need to be permanent. There are many ways in which you can support your chakra to come back into balance. However, for sustainable change to occur, you also have to look at and process the emotions at the root of your imbalance. By learning about the chakras and how to bring them back into alignment, you can heal physical ailments, dissolve negative emotions and live a more fulfilling life.

      Bringing the aura back into balance

      There are many ways to balance your aura. A daily practice of yoga and meditation is the perfect place to start to bring the eighth chakra into balance and affect a change in how you feel and react to the world around you. Below you can find different approaches that can also help restore balance in your eighth chakra. Incorporate as many of them as you like into your daily routines and see your life change.

      Aura Chakra Balance

      Balancing foods:

      detoxing, fasting, organic foods, light foods

      Balancing activities:

      meditation, Epsom salt baths, wearing white clothing and natural fibers

      Balancing yoga postures:

      triangle pose, Ego Eradicator, Archer pose, all arm exercises, all meditation

      Balancing oils:

      incense and smudging herbs like sage, copal, frankincense, and juniper

      Balancing stones:

      black kyanite, selenite, pyrite, tourmaline, obsidian

      Balancing affirmations:

      The energy around me attracts everything I need and protects me from negativity.

      I am surrounded by powerful white light energy.

      I open my heart to divine healing.

      Healing light surrounds me.

      I am filled with light.

      I attract opportunities easily and effortlessly.

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      See you on the inside!

      Written by Julia

      Julia is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Holistic Self-Discovery Coach with a passion for spirituality, self-development, and life-long learning. With her years of knowledge as well as life and industry experience, Julia loves empowering others to create a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels amazingly fulfilling on the inside, too, through inspirational and practical content.

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