60 Abundance Affirmations to Overcome Scarcity Thinking and Fast-Track Your Resolutions

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Given the choice, I’m sure we’d all rather live an abundant over a scarce life. And while abundance is often associated with money, it’s not limited to financial thoughts. We all strive for abundance in some or many areas of our lives, including love, happiness, peace, money, and travel. Just take a look at the most common resolutions people made for 2023: better health, more time to spend with friends and families or on themselves, more money, and more travel. The desire for abundance is universal and abundance affirmations can help you attract those desires easily and effortlessly.

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When it comes to achieving your resolutions or any goal for that matter, mindset is a big part of that. Your thoughts create your reality and whether you look at life through the lens of abundance or scarcity determines your chances of success. If you’re tired of letting fear, self-doubt, and negativity stemming from a scarcity mindset hold you back, continue reading.

In this post, you’ll discover 60 potent abundance affirmations to shake off your scarcity mindset and start to view the world as a place of limitless opportunity.

Abundance vs. scarcity mindset

Whether you’re aware of it or not, having an abundance vs. a scarcity mindset is going to positively impact every area of your life. A scarcity mindset is extremely limiting and can prevent you from achieving your biggest goals, keep you in debt, or mess with your confidence.

If you regularly feel like you don’t know enough, you’re not good enough, or you don’t have the resources to achieve success and create the life you desire, know that you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. All you need is a subtle shift in the way you think to cultivate a more abundant mindset.

An abundant mindset is based on the belief that there are enough money, health, wealth, opportunity, and resources for everyone to go around. Instead of asking “Who am I to go after my dreams?” or Why is this happening to me?” an abundance mindset looks at whatever is going on in your life neutrally and asks questions such as “What lesson is there for me to be learned?” or “What can this teach me?”.

Overcome scarcity thinking through abundance affirmations

An abundance mindset starts, well, in the mind. If you’ve ever paid close attention to your thoughts for a day, you might have been shocked at how many of them were negative ones. Those negative thoughts, if repeated often enough, will turn into limiting beliefs. Those beliefs then subconsciously determine your behavior.

So if you believe that you can’t be successful, that you won’t ever have enough money, or that love and affection are simply not possible for you, you will behave in a way that turns your thoughts into reality while at the same time reinforcing your limiting belief.

On the other hand, if you believe you deserve success or you believe you can attract the wealth you desire, your emotions will shift, and so will your behaviors, to allow you to achieve your goals.

It all starts with shifting your beliefs. And since beliefs are nothing more than thoughts repeated over and over again, shifting your thoughts will shift your beliefs, too. That’s exactly where abundance affirmations come into play.

When you focus on the good, the good gets better. – Abraham Hicks

Affirmations are positive statements about yourself that you repeat to yourself. The repetition of these messages over time and with conscious effort can help reshape the way you think. Therefore, affirmations can be a helpful tool in your journey toward a truly abundant life.

But it’s not just the words themselves, it’s how you say them. In order to get the most out of your affirmations, make sure that as you recite each one, you are repeating it with conviction and self-love in your voice. Be mindful to put a lot of positive energy and emotion into each word to supercharge your abundance affirmations with intention.

Contrary to popular belief, practicing abundance affirmations isn’t about being naive or engaging in toxic positivity. It’s about being grateful for the good you already have, confident in your abilities to persevere, and loving yourself and the unique gifts you bring to the table instead of comparing yourself to others. Furthermore, abundance affirmations don’t substitute inspired action and hard work. You will have to keep showing up and believing in yourself to see real change.

To help get you started, I’ve put together a list of 60 abundance affirmations that you can easily incorporate into your daily self-care routine. From the list below, choose at least 3 affirmations that really resonate with you. Write them down and repeat them out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror. Allow yourself to really see them, hear them, and feel them. Do this every morning and every night before bed and see your new reality manifest in front of your eyes: a healthier, happier, more abundant you!

Abundance affirmations for success

1. I am worthy of what I desire.

2. I have everything I need to be successful.

3. All my dreams are already meant to be.

4. I am open to limitless possibilities.

5. I achieve everything I set my mind to.

6. I am smart, capable, and talented.

7. I believe in myself.

8. I am ready to share my gifts with the world.

9. I surrender to the wisdom of the Universe.

10. I am exactly where I need to be to accomplish my goals.

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11. I am creative and open to new solutions.

12. Everything I desire is already on its way.

13. I choose faith over fear.

14. I am a powerful opportunity magnet.

15. I attract miracles into my life.

16. I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities.

17. I am aligned with my purpose.

18. I am worthy of positive change in my life.

19. I am grateful for the abundance that I have and the abundance that’s on its way.

20. I am capable of achieving greatness.

Abundance affirmations for money & wealth

1. I attract money easily and effortlessly.

2. I always have enough money.

3. I am a powerful money magnet.

4. I make money easily.

5. I am grateful for money.

6. I love money and money loves me.

7. There is enough money for everyone.

8. I am generous with my money.

9. Others love paying me for being authentically me.

10. I am worthy of the wealth I desire.

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11. I am aligned with the energy of a six-figure bank account.

12. I am open to receiving what is in the highest and best for all.

13. All the money I spend returns to me tenfold.

14. I release all resistance to attracting money.

15. I am financially free.

16. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.

17. I am capable of overcoming any money obstacles that stand in my way.

18. I boldly conquer my money goals.

19. I deserve to make more money.

20. I receive unexpected money frequently.

Abundance affirmations for self-love & confidence

1. I am worthy of love.

2. I am love and I am loved.

3. I am grateful for my body.

4. I am confident in my own skin.

5. I give and receive love freely.

6. I am compassionate with others and myself.

7. I attract loving and positive people into my life.

8. I am strong, brave, and confident.

9. I am more than my mistakes.

10. I am proud of myself and all that I have accomplished.

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11. I am a beautiful person, inside and out.

12. I am worthy of compassion and empathy.

13. I choose happiness.

14. I am proud of the person I am and the person I’m becoming.

15. I am at peace with who I am.

16. I am aligned with the energy of love.

17. Self-love is my superpower.

18. I am authentic, true, and graceful.

19. I deserve love, respect, and empathy.

20. I am centered, peaceful, and grounded.


This list of affirmations is designed to make your journey toward abundance and wealth easier. Repeating affirmations to yourself might feel awkward to begin with, but over time it will help to reframe your thinking as far as your abundance mindset is concerned.

If you have any favorites or have your own experience with abundance affirmations, I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Written by Julia

Julia is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Holistic Self-Discovery Coach with a passion for spirituality, self-development, and life-long learning. With her years of knowledge as well as life and industry experience, Julia loves empowering others to create a life that not only looks good on the outside but feels amazingly fulfilling on the inside, too, through inspirational and practical content.

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